The Finest Quality Cabinets in the Industry.

The Medallion difference offers a fully customizable kitchen “inspired by your life”. An American company that is family owned and operated for almost a century. They offer timeless style and feature superior workmanship. They have three lines to choose from to suit your budget: Platinum, Gold and Silverline. A Medallion kitchen is designed to fit like a glove.

Medallion Cabinetry
Medallion Cabinetry

Medallion Cabinetry

  • Vertical Grain Direction on Doors, Horizontal on Drawer Fronts
  • Door & Drawer Fronts Constructed From 3/4" Engineered Material with Banded Edges
  • Silverline, Gold & Platinum Lines

Medallion Cabinetry - European Style Wood
Medallion Cabinetry - Santa Cruz Cream Cabinbets
Medallion Cabinetry - Bella Natural Wood Cabinets
Medallion Cabinetry - Wellington White Wood Cabinets